First of all, I never realized that having a tank in HOTS was important. I was forced to purchase the tank/warrior bundle since that no one else in the party wanted the bundle. My teammates wished to be either a healer or damage dealer. I had become tired of just soaking up all the damage for the team so I decided to spice things up to entertain myself. All of team was mainly just damage dealers, meaning that we could damage people, but we were very weak to damage from other sources.

Until this happened, I never realized that having a teammate being a tank in a MOBA was important until this happened. Everyone complained about how no one had the ability to absorb the hostility so that they could deal damage to the enemy. We soon lost the game with a team full of just squishy heroes that couldn’t hold on for dear life once something attacked them.

Then I realized, maybe I was chosen to become the team’s tank because I was meant to do so. Usually, I will be the big beefy hero in front of everyone, allowing them to deal damage. I know my role of just absorbing as much damage as possible to protect my teammates. Protecting teammates becomes more of a chore once my friend and I played Cho’Gall. This meant that I had to protect him through movement and melee while he protected me with ranged attacks, creating this double headed hero with 1 body.

Finaly, I now try to accept my role of being the tank for the team, taking the sacrifice to make sure that I am at the most risk of dying since I’m taking the majority of the damage. It’s been fun assisting everyone as a tank for the team since I’m the one who dives into battle first and can control the tide of battle if done correctly. Ultimately leading to a happier team, more wins, and more fun.