“Tired of Sex” is the opening song to Weezer‘s second album, Pinkerton,  which was released in September 1996. The song has been played in various ways from Weezer’s unreleased album Songs from the Black Hole and from Pinkerton. The song is one of the most abrasive songs in their catalog of over 20 years. It is well known for its distorted guitars, frontman Rivers Cuomo’s screaming vocals, and the overall messiness.

The song has Rivers Cuomo talking about the many women that he has slept with during his states of depression. Just like the most of the album, it talks about his difficulties with women and his quest for love.

The Tracking Rough version is as gritty as it can get with the song.

The Songs from the Black Hole are a collection of songs that were made and unreleased in between the band’s debut albumThe Blue Album, and Pinkerton. Rivers originally meant that the SFTBH would be a space-rock opera featuring the main character, Jonas, and his internal struggles along with his crewmates: Wuan, Dondo, M1 the robot, Maria, and Laurel. With how the song is portrayed in that album, it makes it seem like Jonas is tired of having sex with Maria and wishes to have a more meaningful relationship.

Have a quick gander at the album if you wanna.

Then you can spectate a live performance including Rivers Cuomo, Brian Bell, Pat Wilson, and Mikey Welsh. However, the original bassist for the recordings was Matt Sharpe.

Depressed Rivers Cuomo

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